Why One-on-One Tutoring Works

Tutors on Wheels has earned a strong reputation for the finest one-on-one tutoring out there. Some of the reasons why our one-on-one tutoring approach is so effective is due to the methodology. The components of our approach include the diagnostic process, working with the pace of the student, behavior management, and questioning.

Why hire a tutor?

There are several reasons as to why tutoring is an essential part of every student’s academic life regardless of the grade level they may be in.Some of the most significant reasons as to the need for a tutor are the timing of learning, the importance of test scores, the emergence of common core, the changing teacher environment and the importance for a brush up.

The Spirit of our Mission

We are conveniently located in the heart of Forest Hills at 68-60 Austin Street. We have successfully been serving students and families throughout the five boroughs of New York City over the past 13 years. Tutors on Wheels provides an array of tutoring services to students grades K-12 and even beyond. What makes us so unique and effective at Tutors on Wheels is our hiring of only the finest educators who are either experienced tutors or licensed teachers in New York State. All of our tutors specialize in their specific content area and have received college degrees from accredited college and universities. Let our staff give your child the help they need to get back on track to academic success.


Common Core & Regents Prep Tutoring -- At-Home Tutoring in Queens, NY

Having a strong grasp of common core subjects, as well placing high on common core tests, is essential for academic success. At Tutors On Wheels, we specialize in test preparation for students in grades 3 through 8 who are getting ready to take the New York State ELA and Math exams. Our tutors are highly educated in their respective fields and use personalized teaching techniques to address the unique needs of each and every student. Let us help your child with mathematics, English/language arts, and literacy proficiency.